ClubTasker: Easy, Powerful Gym Cleaning Schedules

Having the right schedule is only the first step, to complete the picture, you need a way to monitor each gym to make sure each of the daily cleaning tasks is completed & standards are maintained.

Our latest software development, ClubTasker, lets you track every element of a gym’s cleanliness remotely. Whether using an in-house cleaning team or outsourcing to professionals like us.

A unique digital cleaning checklist for daily + deep cleans, saving you time and money by increasing cleaning efficiency.
Real time updates of cleaning progress & completion photos instilling a culture of honesty and transparency within your cleaning team.
A digital inspection checklist with a cleaner star rating giving managers the right tools to inspect, train and monitor your cleaning staff.
Automatic push notifications when cleaners fall short allowing managers to react quickly and solve any issues before they become problems.

How doeswork? ClubTasker work?

Step 1

Simply enter your gym's address and our team will be notified to attend.

Step 2

You can choose from pre-designed cleaning checklists, or create your own and assign them to a cleaner.

Step 3

Relax and watch as you monitor the cleaning progress at any time.