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    Make Your Gym Shine

    Your gym will look brand new with Neo Clean: the only company that specialises in gym cleaning services across the UK. Increase member retention and attract new members with specialist gym cleaning services by Neo Clean.

    97% Monthly Audit Score Service

    The cleaning service that brings consistent results. Our systemised approach to gym cleaning ensures that your gym is thoroughly cleaned year-round for great health, safety, and hygiene.

    ClubTasker Gym Cleaning App

    The revolutionary new gym cleaning app that allows you to plan, track and manage all you’re your cleaning operations in one convenient place. Clubtasker’s easy-to-use interface makes managing your cleaning schedules easier than ever.
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    We Understand The Challenges Involved In Gym Cleaning

    • Body fat residue in the showers
    • Dust circulation from treadmills
    • Limescale stains in the washrooms
    • Build-up around Irregular shaped Gym Equipment
    • Marks On Rubber Flooring

    Why Traditional Commercial Cleaning Companies Fail At Gym Cleaning?

    Firstly, they generally clean all types of local businesses and don’t specialise in gym’s. Second, they don’t take the time to create a specified gym cleaning schedule, they can’t, because they don’t fully understand the environment plus staff turnover is so high that investment in training becomes too expensive. Thus, cleaners are sent out to gyms and just told to “Clean Them”. This translates to a quick clean of the washrooms, a vacuum through and out the door & on to the next job. That type of approach does not cut it in modern gym’s. It will leave dust and grime build-up in all those hard to reach and high traffic areas.

    Why Choose Neo Clean?

    When it comes to keeping your gym clean, you have a choice. You can either go with a local commercial cleaning company who don’t specialise and don’t fully understand proper gym cleaning processes – or you can go with Neo Clean.

    65-Point Gym Cleaning Schedule

    We’ve developed a 65-point schedule specifically designed for the modern gym layout, covering all the daily jobs, and dividing the gym into sections so that we can perform several deep cleaning tasks within the sections each day. Through repetition we’ve perfected the most efficient and up-to-date gym cleaning procedures—we’ve even thrown out the old mop and bucket and replaced them with pressure spray damp mopping, which gives gym flooring a more sanitary clean in half the time!

    ClubTasker – Exclusive Gym Cleaning Software

    And having the right schedule is only the first step to complete the picture, you need a way to monitor each gym to make sure each of your daily cleaning tasks are completed & high standards are maintained. Our latest software development, ClubTasker, lets you track every element of a gym’s cleanliness remotely: whether using an in-house cleaning team or outsourcing to professionals like us!

    Neo Clean – The trusted name in Gym Cleaning

    You need a partner who understands how to handle all the unique aspects of the gym cleaning environment. You need a partner who can create a detailed cleaning schedule and manage it with real-time software. And most of all, you need someone who understands your unique facility and can come up with right solutions to keep your gym looking its best all year-round.

    That’s where we come in! We’re Neo Clean, an elite gym cleaning company with many years of experience cleaning gyms all over the UK — and we’d love to help your gym achieve the same results our current clients enjoy

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